Modern School Design

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Lets look at a Modern School:

Modern School in Slovenia Facade
Courtesy of Maja Grivec and Gabriela Maja, Kočevje school, Slovenia

This image shows Kočevje school, a modern school 60 km from Llubljana in Slovenia.
The school building was completed in 2003.
This school has 42 teachers and 502 pupils.

What differences do you notice between the design of this school and the older model school in Bailieborough we looked at before?

Notice there is a flat roof and no chimneys. Notice the large number of windows. Can you see a skylight on the roof?

The roof is hidden by a wall across the top of the building.
A wall that rises above a roof like this is called a parapet.

Examine the Modern School image closely:

Have a look again at the front of the building in the first picture. The front of a building is called a façade.

Is the façade of this school plain or decorative in design?

Can you see the main entrance? Do you notice any features that give the main entrance protection from the rain?

What do you notice about the design?

The picture below shows the back of the school outside some classrooms.
How can you tell that this school is newly built?
Has it been landscaped?

Modern School in Slovenia Classroom Exterior
Courtesy of Maja Grivec and Gabriela Maja, Kočevje school, Slovenia

Each classroom has a door to the outside area.

Is this a good design feature?

Notice how the rain pipes are hidden and the windows are recessed to protect them from sunlight and rain.