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Background of 'School Unit'

This unit for 5th and 6th classes looks at the history of schooling in Ireland from early times to the twentieth century. Particular emphasis is paid on developing a variety of history skills and concepts which are central to the study of history. These skills are part of the 1999 primary history curriculum.

Activities within the unit place a particular emphasis on the study of:

  • Evidence
  • Time and Chronology
  • Continuity and Change

The material in this unit looks at schools and schooling in Ireland generally, evidence has been taken from particular regions in Ireland. Using the unit in conjunction with My School Raheny , also within the history section for 5th and 6th, would allow children to see more examples of evidence about schools in Ireland in the past. For the purpose of planning a local study this "Schools in History" unit could be examined in conjunction with the My School Raheny , which is an example of a local study with school as its theme. For this reason it would be useful for teachers to structure the work by assisting children to examine evidence from both units. Within both are examples of types of evidence which are sources for tracing the history of a particular school.

Ideas for teaching this topic are included in the final section of these guidelines.