Alphabetical List of Items

Advance Agriculture Booklet (1904)
Auction Particulars of Cork City Properties for W.R. Taggart Esq. (April 1901)
Auction Sale Particulars, 'The Farm', Earl of Bandon Estate (1879)
Barryscourt lands, lease by William Coppinger. (1847)
Borough of Bandon Bridge, List of Persons on Freeman's Roll (1882)
Catalogue of Items for Public Auction, Kilbrogan House, Bandon (1900)
Copy of a letter to Lord Egmont, concerning political issues. (1793)
Estate Map, Clounbaun, County Cork, Evans Estate (1792)
Estate Map, Lands of Carrickhanshee, County Cork. (1773)
Estate Rental and Account, Colthurst Estate (1895)
First Yearly Report of the African Rubber Company (1907)
Grant of Land by King Charles II (1669)
Household Account Book, Barryscourt. (1761-1773)
Household and Farm Account Book, Ryan Purcell Estate (1834-35)
Invitation Card, Lord Doneraile, to John Keeffe, Tenant (c.1800)
Land Agent's Report on Viscount Midleton's Estate (1850)
Leaflet, 'Winter Egg Production' from Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland, Dublin. (1903)
Lease, Ballinlough, South Liberties of Cork City. (1757)
Lease, Barryscourt, Lord Barrymore to William Coppinger. (1801)
Lease, House on Hammonds Marsh, Cork City. (1779)
Lease, lands in Crosshaven. (1888)
Lease, Lands of Gregane by Earl of Cork (1891)
Lease, part of Pike's Marsh to Thomas Bousfield. (1744)
Lease, Pike's marsh in the City of Cork. (1726)
Lease, Premises on Pembroke Lane, Cork City. (1843)
Lease, Premises, Christ Church Parish, Cork City (1716)
Lease, Property in Meeting House Lane, Cork City (1733)
Lease, Property in Shandon, Cork City. (1800)
Lease, Dunscombe's Marsh, Cork City, Faulkiner to Patten. (1762)
Lease, land in Sundays Well, Earl of Cork to Matthew Kelleher, Draper. (1805)
Lease, Lands of Slaveen, Earl of Bandon Estate (1810)
Legal Agreement, Property in Christ Church Parish, Cork City (1774)
Legal Case Document, Kyrl's Quay, New Bridewell, Cork City (1729, 1812-1813)
Letter Concerning Sale of Ballyvourvney Colthurst Estate (1909)
Letter from Fr.Sheehan to Landlord concerning tenant land purchase (1900)
Letter from James Dennehy, Estate worker, to John Purcell, Landlord. (1846)
Letter from Patrick Demsey, Emigrant, America (1881)
Letter from William Connors, Burton Park, Churchtown, concerning Famine (1847)
Letter to James Grove-White, Landlord, concerning tenants. (1841)
Letter to Landlord from Parishioners, during Famine (1846)
Letter, John St. Leger to William Hill, Agent of Lord Doneraile concerning family (1841)
Letter, W. O'Brien to Bishop McCarthy concerning population of religious denominations (1807) Letter, William Coppinger to Bishop McCarthy, concerning political events(1806)
Licence to keep Arms. (1841)
Notice of Auction Sale, Burton Park, Churchtown (1853)
Notice of Auction, Farm at Holly Hill, Blarney Road, Cork. (1900)
Notice of Execution Sale by Cork County Sheriff (1891)
Pamphlet concerning Land Question by James Tuke (1880)
Particulars of the Estate of John Leader, Barony of Dunhallow, County Cork. (1894)
Photographic Album of Constance Croker, Byblox, Doneraile [pre-1872] & (1904-1908)
Photographic Album, Ryan Purcell Family [c.1900-1930]
Poster Advertising Letting of Grazing, Burton Park, Churchtown, County Cork. [c.1900]
Poster giving Notice of Sale of Tenant's Leasehold, Colthurst Estate (1881)
Rental and Particulars, Encumbered Estates Court Sale, Chatterton Estate Cork City (1857)
Rental of Lord Doneraile Estate, County Cork (1823)
Rental of the Earl of Listowel, Cork City and County (1829-1850)
Rules and Membership of the Cork County Club (1873)
Valuation of Granston Manor Farm Stock (1890)
Vegetable Seed Catalogue, Bourke's of Kanturk [c.1900]

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