Estate Reports & Sale Catalogues

Estates were often large scale enterprises, and sometimes found in estate papers are reports by land agents on the land, properties, and farms. Also found, dating mainly from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, are catalogues compiled for the public sale of land or other property by auction.

01 Report on the estate of Charles Broderick Viscount Midleton in the counties of Cork and Waterford by Edward Woollett Wilmott, Land Agent. 'In accordance with instructions received..., I have viewed the Estates situated near Midleton in the county of Cork'. Enumerates, with accompanying area map, twenty-two properties totaling c.5074 acres. Bound volume of 88 pages in red leather with gold inlay. A multi-page sample from this document is available in PDF format to download. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

271 Particulars of the Auction of Mansion House, Offices, and Demesne lands of "The Farm" Bandon, the residence of Col. William Smyth Bernard, formerly M.P. for Bandon. Details the terms under which Smythe Bernard held the land as well as its current valuation. Detailed description of the house, out houses and demesne. The timber on the demesne is worth £3,600. (1879) (Earl of Bandon Estate Papers)

290 Catalogue for sale of goods at Kilbrogan House Bandon. List of all the goods in Kilbrogan House, room by room, to include Rare and Expensive Paintings, Oil and Water Colours, Engravings, Dresden and Other Ornaments, Magnificent full orchestral Musical Box, American Organ, Silver, Cinnematographs, Phonographs, Pony, Carriages and rare Poultry. Thomas McCabe & Sons, Auctioneers. (April 1900) (Earl of Bandon Estate Papers)

301 Auction Particulars of Cork City properties for W.R. Taggart Esq. This is the sale of four properties in the city centre. Among them are properties on Patrick Street, Camden Place and Maylor Street. (April 1901) (Earl of Bandon Estate Papers)

308 Rental and Particulars of the Estate of John Leader. In this he is selling over 1,000 acres of land in the Barony of Duhallow. The Leaders were prominent landlords in Duhallow. Description of the land being sold and the tenure under which it is held as well as the rent of each holding. There are also two detailed maps of the areas being sold. (April 1894) (Exham Flynn Solicitors Papers)

326 Rental and Particulars of the estate of Dame Henrietta Chatterton for sale by the Encumbered Estates Court. This is of fourteen city premises in the parishes of The Holy Trinity, Saint Peter's and Saint Paul's. The premises include property on South Mall, Patrick Street, Grand Parade, Patrick Street, Fishamble Lane, Coal Quay, North Main Street and Tuckey Street. (1 December 1857) (Small Collection)

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