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Maps, plans and drawings are frequently found in estate papers. These are often handrawn maps of a particular farm, townland or physical feature on the estate. Many of these maps pre-date the Ordnance Survey and were carried out privately by professional cartographers, surveyors and engineers. Often these maps contain intricate hand-drawn features such as colour washes, vignettes, and drawings of buildings, water features and forestry.

188 Map of part of the lands of Clounbaun in the parish of Doneraile,county Cork, the estate of Nicholas Green Evans, containing 24 acres. (Ryan-Purcell Estate Papers)

128 Map of the lands of Carrickhanshee containing 165 acres and twenty-four perches. The map is also entitled Gooseberry Hill and is described as Earl of Cork's Estate. (20 August 1773) (Ryan-Purcell Estate Papers)

014 Lease map of part of the lands of Slaveen, parish of Kilkernmore, Barony of Ibane and Barryroe, county Cork. Lease between the Right Honourable Earl of Bandon and James Donovan and Jeremiah Donovan Farmers (25 June 1810) (Earl of Bandon Estate Papers)

341 Map of part of the lands of Rossmore surveyed ' the order of the Revd. Edwd. Kenney'. Total 145 acres 1 rood English Measure. Surveyed by George Sullivan. Extensively illustrated with colour and decorative features including drawings of houses. (January 1808) (Bandon Estate Papers)

342 Map and survey of part of lands of Kilbrogan, near Bandon, county Cork, '...that part which has been cut away for the purpose of Making a New Line of Road through Said Lands from the Town of Bandon to the City of Cork…'. George Sullivan, surveyor. (August 1823) (Bandon Estate Papers)

343 Map and survey of section of the Bandon River and streams showing weirs and bridges. [1820's] (Bandon Estate Papers)

344 Plan of the mill and lands of Farrenashesheree, parish of Desert-Serges, Barony of the East Division of East Carbery, county Cork, to be sold with Landed Estates Court Title. 'Apply to James Swanton, Rineen, Skibbereen.' With detailed Elevation and Plans of Mill buildings and surrounding lands. [.1850-1870] (Bandon Estate Papers)

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