Photographs are sometimes found in estate papers. Below are some extracts from early photo albums.

The following photographs are extracts from a photographic album, compiled by Ms. Constance Croker of Byblox house, Doneraile, county Cork, when Constance was a young woman.

With photographs of the Croker family of Lissa and Byblox, Doneraile, friends, the estate, relatives, pets, horses and the Awbeg river. A few items may be pre-1872 when Charles and Martin Croker of Lissa were still alive. Many of the photographs have captions. Constance married a Kenneth Weldon in 1906 and he appears in some of the photographs as do Jane, Martha and Charles Croker, Constance's mother and grandparents. The item is an interesting record of Big House life (pre-1872 & 1904-1908) .

Outside family portrait 2.

Outside family portrait 3.

The photographs below are extracts from a photo album from the Ryan-Purcell estate papers. (c.1900-1940)

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