Life and biodiversity

All living things are part of biodiversity. Biologists estimate that there are around 30 million different types of organisms alive on earth today. Of these, scientists have discovered and named over 1.7 million different organisms. The science of classification is known as taxonomy and there are still millions of unnamed species in the world. 

Move the magnifying glass below, to have a look at what life lives in and around a tree.


Tree life

Tree life

Biodiversity & Health: Clean air and water is essential to human health. To date, plant-based medicines provide more than three billion people with their primary health care.

Biodiversity & Agriculture: Biodiversity provides us with a varied food supply, which is needed for balanced human nutrition. Conservation of genetic biodiversity ensures that domestic plants and animals can adapt to thrive in local conditions.

Biodiversity & Business: Businesses depend on clean water and raw materials as essential components and services for the operation of their day-to-day activities. It is therefore important that there is a sustainable supply of these resources to ensure economic growth. Good environmental management is good business management.

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