On land

Of the thirty-five mammals present in Ireland the majority are based on land. The most common of these are the red fox, hedgehog, stoat, badger and otter. Others like the Irish hare and pine marten are plentiful but are seen less often. There are a number of native and introduced species in this group including the grey squirrel and bank vole. Several species of bat also live in Ireland along with only a few land reptiles. The three amphibians are the frog, the common newt and the natterjack toad.

For an overview of the specific distribution of animals in Ireland, a great resource is the Atlas of Mammals in Ireland that has been created by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. This atlas provides distribution maps of the wild mammals that occur in Ireland and its terrestrial waters.


In the air

Over 400 bird species have been recorded in Ireland, although many are migratory. Arctic birds migrate here during the winter, while other birds like the swallow come here during the summer to breed.

Ireland has four species which have adapted to their Irish habitats and have now distinctly Irish characteristic features. These are the Coal Tit, Dipper, Jay and Red Grouse. Ireland is also a breeding habitat for species such as Storm Petrels. The Corncrake is one of the most famous endangered species in the country. 


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