Wind Farming

Wind power is becoming an increasingly important form of energy in Ireland. It is a clean energy source, and greatly contributes to Ireland's GHG reduction targets.  

Over the past decades, a number of highly successful wind farms have been launched in Co. Cavan. These include Bindoo Farm, Corneen, and Mountain Lodge Wind Farm. A further wind farm in the areas of Millbrook, Fraserville, Cedar Valley and Cavan has been proposed, with 15 wind turbines.

View of Windmills from Lough an Leagh

Corneen Wind Farm

In 2001, Corneen Wind Farm was opened. Located near Ballyconnell on Slieve Rushen, this farm consists of two 1.5MW turbines that create enough electricity for 2,000 homes. It also provides a COsaving of about 8,000 tonnes per year.

Bindoo Wind Farm

Thirty-two wind turbines were erected on Bindoo Farm, which began operating in 2007. Enough green energy is produced at Bindoo to supply 30,000 homes, creating COsavings of 120,000 tonnes per year.

Mountain Lodge Wind Farm

Mountain Lodge Wind Farm is located near Cootehill. There are a total of 23GE 1.5MW wind turbines, which can produce up to 34.5MW of renewable energy. This is enough electricity to supply more than 17,000 homes and saves Ireland importing more than 14,000 tonnes of fossil fuels.

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