Doneraile Wildlife Park

The Doneraile Estate was once the residence of the St. Ledger family, who created the wonderful parklands at considerable expense in the early 18th century. The design of the park was largely shaped by the well-known English landscape architect, Lacelot 'Capability' Brown. Landscape gardening was highly influenced by Capability Brown during this period, and Doneraile Wildlife Park is one of the finest examples of his work.

The Doneraile Wildlife Park is located near Mallow. It comprises 160 hectares of parkland, mature groves of deciduous trees and numerous restored water features. A number of deer herds can be viewed from the main pathways through the park.

The aim of Capability Brown was to create a landscape that appeared to be solely created and shaped by nature, and not by man. Canals, waterfalls, and ponds have been created by diverting the water of the land.

Some of the unusual species of trees found at Doneraile Wildlife Park are redwoods and a Cork Oak. Species of cherry, yew and sycamore can also be found growing in the park.

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