Environmental Awareness

Cork County Council Environmental Awareness Strategy 2016-2020

Cork County Council aims to raise environmental awareness in the general public and more specifically, in the media, business, industry, educators, youth, community-based groups and NGOs. The strategy is supported by an annual Environmental Awareness & Research Programme (EAR-P), outlining the specific objectives and actions to be undertaken in each of the four years covered by the strategy.

For more information, see the full report here.

Cork Environmental Forum

CEF logo
Courtesy of the Cork Environmental Forum

The Cork Environmental Forum is a small, cross-sectoral, charitable organisation, active in the whole county, with about 2,000 members and associates. It works to foster and promote sustainable development in County Cork, in accordance with Local Agenda 21, enshrined at Rio in '92 as the way forward to care for the environment. Check the CEF website, www.cef.ie, for more details.  

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