Dunmore Cave

Dunmore Cave
Courtesy of Kilkenny County Library.

The intriguing, unique Dunmore Cave is located just outside the City of Kilkenny. The cave is made of limestone and over millions of years, a series of chambers and passages have formed within it. Although it is smaller than many of Ireland’s other caves, some of our most outstanding examples of calcite formations can be observed here. At some stage in the cave’s history, it supported a bat colony. This is evident from a number of bat skeletons embedded in the calcite limestone.

The cave also holds much historical interest and has been recognised as a National Monument since the State took over management in 1940. It was first mentioned in Irish literature in The Triads of Ireland dated to the 9th century and a Viking massacre that took place in the cave in 928 A.D. has also been recorded in the Annals of the Four Masters. This Viking presence was later confirmed by archaeologists.

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