County Leitrim is the smallest county in the province of Connacht in the west of Ireland. Historically it formed part of the old Gaelic Kingdom of Breifne and was ruled by the Ruairc family. The county itself is named after the village of Leitrim near the River Shannon, which was an important stronghold during the Ruairc family reign. The name ‘Leitrim’ itself is derived from the Irish Liath Druim, meaning ‘grey ridge’, and is a common place name throughout Ireland.

While Leitrim is not a landlocked county, its only access to the Atlantic Ocean is a two mile stretch of coast that buffers the counties of Sligo and Donegal. Leitrim is well known for its spectacular scenery, from dramatic mountains and deep valleys to the peaceful surrounds of the county’s several lakes. The enchanting Glencar Waterford in north Co. Leitrim is sometimes referred to as Yeats’ waterfall as it was the inspiration for his poem “The Stolen Child”.

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