Draft Development Plan 2010-2016

The Draft Development Plan for Limerick City for 2010-2016 contains a number of proposals relating to the environment and biodiversity of the region. Increased links across the city, such as walkways and cycle routes, aim to provide greater access to green areas. This plan was updated to include variations in 2017, see the latest reports here.

Much of Limerick City’s landscape has been urbanised and the City Council aims to review the existing landscape policy in order to better protect and conserve the natural environments that remain. This will involve Environmental Impact Assessments on all developments that may have a negative impact on the landscape.

Under this Draft Development Plan, Limerick City Council commits to adopting and implementing a Limerick City Biodiversity Action Plan. The aims will include:

  • Providing a framework for the conservation of biodiversity in the city, particularly protected species, and developing conservation initiatives
  • Coordinating local action plans to conserve biodiversity
  • Supporting and assisting in sustainable planning and development in the city
  • Raising public awareness on biodiversity
  • Collating information on local biodiversity

A PDF of the Draft Development Plan 2010-2016 is available on the Limerick City Council website.

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