Foynes, Co. Limerick
Courtesy of Limerick County Library.

Located in the province of Munster, Co. Limerick is bordered by the counties of Tipperary, Clare, Cork and Kerry. The name ‘Limerick’ is an Anglicisation of the Irish name Luimneach, which means ‘the flat area’. This is an apt description of the county when compared to the mountainous terrain of the rest of Munster. Its highest point is Galtymore at 3,009ft. However, the famous Golden Vale region of eastern Limerick is endowed with rich, fertile land that is favoured for its dairy produce.

Co. Limerick is home to a number of award-winning gardens that are popular with those seeking peaceful, natural surrounds. For example, Glin Castle Edwardian walled kitchen garden is situated within the 500 acres of parkland of the 18th century Glin Castle. Knockpatrick Gardens to the east of the county are alive with colour as azaleas, poppies magnolias and a huge variety of other plant species flourish there. The garden is set amongst three acres of mature palm trees, chestnuts, monkey puzzles and cedar trees, all overlooking the Shannon Estuary.

With regards to Ireland’s built heritage, Lough Gur is of particular interest. At this site is located a Neolithic settlement that was inhabited in 3,000 BC. It is surrounded by ancient standing stones, burial mounds, megalithic tombs and a 4,000 year old stone circle.

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