Croagh Patrick stands at 2,510 feet at the southern shore of Clew Bay, close to to the town of Westport. It is one of the highest mountains in the region.

Croagh Patrick has been considered a sacred, spiritual mountain to people of Ireland as far back as 3,000BC, when our ancestors worshipped the Celtic god Lugh on its slopes. Thousands of people still flock to this majestic mountain on ‘Reek Sunday’ at the end of July each year to follow in the footsteps of our Patron Saint Patrick, where it is said that he fasted for forty days. This ancient pilgrimage trail is known as Tochair Phádraig.

The name ‘Croagh Patrick’ comes from the Irish Cruach Phádraig, meaning ‘(Saint) Patrick’s staff’. Another word used for staff is ‘reek’, thus giving the name ‘Reek Sunday’ to the annual pilgrimage day to the mountain.

Mweelrea is the highest mountain in Co. Mayo, and indeed in Connacht, at 2,670 ft. The name has its origins in the Irish Cnoc Maol Réidh, meaning ‘smooth bald hill’. It overlooks Killary Harbour, which is one of only two fjords in Ireland.

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