Mullyash Mountain

Mullyash Mountain is situated in the eastern region of Co. Monaghan. Many of the streams in this upland area are drained by the low-lying lake areas of Castleblaney. Large areas of solid coniferous forestry extend up the slopes of Mullyash. The surrounding drumlins are steep-sided and have a north-west to south-east orientation, giving an indication of the direction of the ice flow during the last Ice Age.

At the summit of Mullyash, a cairn dating back to 4,000 BC represents evidence of human settlement in the area. There is a clear view of Mullyash Mountain from most of the megalithic monuments in east Monaghan, which indicates the importance of this particular cairn. Even into the 20th century many people used to visit it on the last Sunday in July, a tradition stretching back to the ancient Lughnasa celebration. The traditional route was to approach the site from the south-west, but this route was lost when the area was afforested.

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