Lough Arrow

Lough Arrow is situated on at the foot of the Curlew Mountain along Sligo’s border with Roscommon. It is a large limestone lake, protected under the EU Habitat’s Directive, and is extremely popular for Brown Trout fishing. The lake’s waters are primarily fed by natural springs.

A diverse flora is supported along the lake’s edge. It includes typical lakeside vegetation of reeds, rushes, sedges with an added splash of colour from communities of Marsh Marigolds and Yellow Irises. An area of wet woodland lies to the north-west of the lake and is comprised mainly of willows and alders, while dry woodland to the south support species of ash, blackthorn, hawthorn and sycamore.

The lake is an important site for waterfowl. During the winter, Tufted Ducks nest along the lake’s shore, and are joined by large populations of coot, wigeon, Mallard Duck, Little Grebe and pochard. In fact, Lough Arrow supports the highest density of breeding Great Crested Grebe, Merganser and Tufted Duck of any lake in the west of Ireland.

On the eastern shore of Lough Arrow lies a 14th century Domican Abbey, built in Middle English Gothic style.

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