Waterford City Council Anti Dog Fouling Action Plan 2012

Anti Dog Fouling Action Plan 2012

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Courtesy Waterford City Council

Waterford City Council is launching a new anti dog fouling campaign on 21 April to encourage dog walkers to clean up after their dogs and also to encourage reports of those who allow their dogs to litter our city’s streets.

Waterford City Council is urging dog owners to clean up after their pets. Dog owners who walk their pets in any public place should always have a bag with them for use in an emergency. If the dog fouls then the owner is obliged to pick up and dispose of the litter. Under the Litter Pollution Act 1997, “on-the-spot” fines of €150 can be issued to the owners if they are caught walking away from a mess created by their pet.

Dog fouling is an issue that regularly comes top of people’s classifications of the worst forms of litter. It is estimated that the population of dogs in Waterford City produce half a tonne of excrement per day. Dog owners are accountable for cleaning up after their pets in public areas, but unfortunately some ignore their responsibilities.  As dog fouling has negative health implications it is imperative that we strive to reduce the quantity of it on our streets and parks.

Binary Waterford City Council Anti Dog Fouling Action Plan 2012

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