Helvick Head

Located along the south-west coast of Co. Waterford, Helvick Head is the eastern-most point of the Old Red Sandstone ridge that starts at Cork City. It is a Special Protection Area (SPA) due to the conservation interest in a number of bird species: chough, peregrine, cormorant, Herring Gull and kittiwake.

The impressive cliffs at Helvick Head make an ideal nesting site for seabirds, with the plenty of foraging and socialising ground at the base of the cliffs. Alongside the cliffs is a coastal heath area dominated by gorse, Bell Heather and Ling Heather. Amongst the other species in the heath are Devil’s-bit Scabious, Heath Bedstraw, Common Bog-violet, Burnet Rose and a number of grass species. Some patches along the top of the cliffs support species of trift, Kidney Vetch, Sea Mayweed and Wild Carrot.


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