View from Blackstairs Mountains
Betsey Hickey

The Blackstairs Mountains run along the border of Co. Carlow and Co. Wexford. The highest mountain in this range is Mount Leinster, which stands at 2,610 feet. It is also the highest mountain in both counties. Mount Leinster is a popular mountain for climbers, who usually start from the Nine Stones landmark at its base.

Black Rock Mountain stands at 1,972 feet high and lies just two miles east of Mount Leinster, while Croghan Kinsella is slightly higher at 1,987 feet high and lies to the north on the border with Co. Wicklow.

One of the most famous hills in Co. Wexford is Vinegar Hill (400Feet high), located just outside Enniscorthy. This was the site of a battle between Irish Republicans and British troops during the 1798 Rebellion.

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