River Basin Management

Source of the River Liffey
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River Basin Management in EU countries illustrates governance because governments are interacting with individual people as well as governments at other levels (EU, national, regional and local).

River Basin Management Districts were established to comply with the EU Water Framework Directive. Each River Basin Management Plan is developed in consultation with the public, and implemented by government bodies.

  • The consultations include public information events and opportunities for people to write in with their comments and concerns. Once the consultation period is finished, the government publicises the public’s input with specific responses. Only then can the final plan be adopted and implemented.
  • The implementing government bodies are the Local Authorities within each District, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

These plans illustrate how government and the public interact to improve and safeguard parts of our environment such as our public water bodies.

For more information on River Basin Management Districts see the EPA Website. 


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