Science and Research

Governments, businesses, and private individuals influence science and research carried out at universities in the following ways. Governments guide research priorities by funding research projects and endorsing collaborations between universities and businesses. Businesses carry out their own research and development activities and also partner with higher education institutions. Both  governments and businesses have a vested interest in funding research since it helps ensure that people will be trained in areas where advanced skills are needed. People want research that will help solve problems with the environment and health. More and more, governments are setting research priorities and encouraging collaborations as noted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Irish research is influenced by the government through the funding provided to institutes of higher education.

The Irish government has the following funding goals:

  • To broaden the types of research funded to include applied research as well as basic research
  • To encourage competitive research funding from industry and EU programmes such as Horizon 2020
  • To support collaboration across higher education institutions with industry partners
  • To prioritise economic growth by involving the Department of Jobs in the funding process.

The changes in Ireland and abroad reflect a change in priorities, research practices, and supports for researchers. These changes may affect what we know about things in the future because there are competing demands in deciding what will be studied.


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