Encouraging Investment

Governments are reliant on investment in their local area to ensure thriving economies with jobs for citizens and funds for public infrastructure and services. They encourage investment by advertising and supporting businesses.

Promotion is done through personal visits by government officials and designated bodies. For example, the Irish Taoiseach promoted the Irish economy when he visited the United States and met with the US President and leading business people. The government also encourages investment through designated bodies:

  • Fáilte Ireland supports and develops the tourism industry through research, advice to tourism businesses, and marketing campaigns such as Discover Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way
  • Enterprise Ireland helps develop and grow Irish businesses in world markets through research, advice to Irish businesses, providing funding, and linking Irish businesses with contacts including government heads and end customers.
  • Irish Development Agency attracts and helps develop foreign investment through research grants and funding, capital and employment, and training grants.


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