Vertical Integration

Vertical integration is about how local actors and policies coordinate with higher level actors and policies as shown in the figure on the right. Local actions and policies affect the success of national policies. National actions and policies affect the success of local policies. Using the same examples from the horizontal integration section gives examples of the effects.

River Basin Management Plans (RBMP):

  • Local to national effects:  RBMPs start with local actions that improve or limit progress. Each county council takes care of the water bodies in their county: when managed properly, there is good water quality in their county. The cumulative effects of the counties actions result in good water quality throughout the District – throughout Ireland - and for the whole island including the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • National to local effects: National government establishes the requirements for RBMPs and provides the legal backing for planners. This enables planners to resist pressures from local interests to favour economic development over environmental protection. National government also improves local actions through guidance for local authorities.


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