Light Regulations

Unfortunately there is no legislation in Ireland that gives you the right to not be the victim of bad lighting. In the UK light pollution is regarded as a statutory nuisance and 'The Clean Neighbourhoods Act' does go some way to giving rights to object to bad lighting. It is hoped in future that the Irish Government will adopt legislation enforcing better lighting.

In 2012, a draft document about light pollution in Ireland was prepared by Trinity College Dublin. Entitled Light Pollution in Ireland, it sets out the importance of why we should be paying attention to it.

Dublin, Clare and Kerry County councils have light pollution prevention suggestions in their Developments Plans. They seek to discourage floodlights and advocate that building lights should not unnecessarily exceed the level required for security and safety. They suggest new applicants should submit plans which at a minimum should include a lighting scheme.

If there is a light that is bothering you you should write or speak to the owner. Explain how the light impacts you. Ask them to adjust the light, modify the light fitting or to replace it with a full cut-off (FCO) fitting. Make sure to point out the benefits to changing to better lighting.

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