Commercial Noise

A section in the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 gives local authorities power to prevent and limit noise from commercial and industrial premises. A notice can be served by a local authority on any person in charge of any premises or works, other than an activity controlled by the Environmental Protection Agency.

If an Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control Licence is required, the Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for all complaints, including those for noise nuisance.

Construction Noise

A Planning Authority may include time restrictions, on a case by case basis. There is no specified statutory period during which certain works e.g. construction, road works or DIY are prohibited.

However, a Planning Authority may attach conditions to individual planning permissions for any development on a case by case basis, including time restrictions on when construction work can be undertaken.

If you are encountering noise from a construction site you should, firstly, contact your Planning Authority. A local authority can still address the issue under Section 107 of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 and as an individual you can take the case under the Noise Regulations.

Aircraft Noise

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is responsible for controlling noise from aircraft. The EU rules on noise at large airports are implemented in Ireland by the European Communities (Air Navigation and Transport Rules and Procedures for Noise Related Operating Restrictions at Airports) Regulations 2003.The Dublin Airport Authority release reports on noise from the aviation industry in Ireland, see the latest one here.

Road Noise

Complaints about local traffic noise should be addressed to the relevant local authority.  For national road schemes, potential noise emissions are addressed as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process.

Problems with noise in the workplace should be directed to the Health and Safety Authority.


Complaints can be made to the local authority concerned, or any person may take a complaint to the District Court under the Noise Regulations. In addition any person is entitled to object to the renewal of an Intoxicating Liquor Licence at the annual Licensing Court. An objection can be brought on the grounds of the character of the licensee, or the peaceable and orderly manner in which the premises were conducted in the past year.  (See

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