Dublin's Noise Action Plan

The four local authorities within Dublin - Dublin City Council, Fingal, Dun laoghaire, Rathdown and South Dublin County Councils - have produced Maps of noise from major Industry and transport. The Environmental Noise Regulations 2006 instructed the creation of these maps after an EU Green Paper on ‘Future Noise Policy’, which highlighted the need for a high level of health and environmental protection against noise.

Noise mapping is the measurement of noise levels at a number of receiver\receptor points. These values are then used to draw colour contour noise maps. Dublin City Council published noise maps in 2017 which show colour coded areas in Dublin based on noise levels in up to 7 bands, ranging from a low of 45 dB(A) to a high of >75 dB(A). An example of one of the maps from a previous report is illustrated on the right, while the full latest Noise Map report, statistics and associated images can be accessed here.

In accordance with the directive, the different sources of noise include:

  • All Roads
  • Major Roads
  • All Railways
  • Major Railways

*The ‘Luas’ rail is included in All Railway and Major Railway categories.



Findings of the latest (2017) report include:

  • Just over 50% of the population are exposed to sound levels from traffic sources below a day time level of 55 dB(A);
  • Just over 68% of the population are being exposed to night time levels below 50dB(A);
  • Approximately 22% of the population are being exposed to undesirable night time sound levels of greater than 55dB(A) and just under 5% are being exposed to day time sound levels above 70dB(A).

Another conclusion drawn from the report is that the main challenges within Dublin are to reduce the number of people being exposed to undesirable sound levels during the night. Further details on noise maps and action plans can be found on Dublin City Council's website.

The Dublin Agglomeration Environmental Noise Action Plan is available here.

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