Waste from Packaging

Ireland’s success in recovering packaging waste has increased significantly in the past twenty years.

In accordance with the European Commission directive on packaging waste, all producers, including retailers, who place packaging on the Irish market, must divide up their packaging waste into separate waste types (i.e. waste aluminium, fibreboard, glass, paper, plastic sheeting, steel and wood) and organise the collection of these different types of waste by authorised recycling operators. 

Repak Limited is the only approved compliance scheme in Ireland for the recovery of packaging waste. Their role involves the promotion, co-ordination and financing of both the collection and recovery of packaging waste throughout the country. Repak are also committed to achieving Ireland’s targets for packaging waste recovery and recycling.

The European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 outlines EU packaging waste recovery targets for all EU members states, including Ireland, of 60% and 55% for recycling. The latest Waste Packaging Statistics for Ireland indicates that we have met EU targets for recovery and recycling of packaging waste in 2017. Of the total waste generated (983,380 tonnes), 86% was recovered and 66% was recycled. 2017 was the first year that Ireland generated over 1 million tonnes of packaging waste (EPA, 2019). The regulations also require specific recycling targets of 60% glass, 60% paper and board, 50% metals, 22.5% plastics, and 15% wood.

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