Stormwater Management

Stormwater consists primarily of rainfall runoff that is not absorbed by the ground. It flows directly to storm drains or into surface waterways and does not go through any treatment process. Disposing of any hazardous materials into storm drains should be avoided as it has the potential to poison fish and birds or block the drainage system all together.

Stormwater Overflows

Case Study

In July 2019 there was a storm water overflow experienced at Ringsend wastewater plant due to heavy rainfall and a yellow weather warning. The yellow weather warning also resulted in bathing prohibition notices set in place at several Dublin locations such as: the Forty Foot, Sandycove and Seapoint beach etc, as the local pumping station was affected.

Stormwater Overflows are designed and operated in line with international best practice guidelines in order to protect public health. Raw sewage could back up flooding homes and businesses during heavy rainfall without the occurrence of stormwater overflows. For more information please see the Irish Water website.

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