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Blennies are tiny sea animals with long bodies that live in shallow water along the sea-shore. Some species are very colourful, while others are duller in colour and may have a few spots or stripes so they can blend into their habitat. This makes it more difficult for predators to see them.


Copyright Damian Doyle

If the waves coming in from the sea are very strong, they can hide underneath rocks to protect themselves. Blennies have teeth that grow in their lips and these help them to scrape algae from rocks so they can eat it. They also love small animals and plants in the water, known as plankton.

Blennies are great fun to watch as they move through the shallow waters during times when waves are crashing on the shore. Instead of using the fins on their bellies to swim about in the water, they form them into a sucker to keep themselves attached to the rocks and stop themselves being swept away.