Tidy Towns

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Have you heard of the TidyTowns competition? It has been taking place every year since 1958 in Ireland and there are about 700 entrants each year. The competition has been very successful in improving our environment as communities work together to make their local environment a cleaner and healthier place to live.

The judges in the TidyTowns competition assess a number of key areas relating to the environment, including the reduction of litter and waste, consideration for wildlife, the built environment, and the landscape.

You can help to brighten up your town by planting colourful shrubs and keeping it free from litter
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People involved in TidyTowns make a huge effort to transform their community; for example they may collect litter in their local area, plant more trees and flowers, consider ways to protect local wildlife, and take care of parks and other natural areas.  

Why not become involved with your local TidyTowns group and encourage your friends to join also? The Tidy Towns website has lots of information to help you get more involved!