Leisure Activities

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Leisure in the City

At the end of the wars, the damaged buildings on Patrick Street were rebuilt. Roche's Stores and Cash's (now Brown Thomas) were among those rebuilt.
The Pavilion cinema opened in March 1921.

The first 'talking' film seen in Cork was shown there on 5 August 1929. The Savoy cinema opened on 12 May 1932. It was the biggest and most luxurious cinema in Cork. It had over 2000 seats. Every Sunday night an organist named Fred Bridgeman played popular songs while the crowd sang along. The words of the songs were shown karaoke-style on the cinema screen.
In early 1975 the Savoy cinema closed and the Savoy shopping centre opened two years later. The Pavilion cinema closed in August 1989. The site is now occupied by HMV.

'Doing Pana'

One of the most popular pastimes in Cork was walking along St. Patrick's Street, window shopping, stopping to talk to friends or to have a drink. To the people of Cork, the pastime was known as 'doing Pana'.

In 1932 the wooden paving blocks on the street were replaced by paving stones.The wooden paving was known as 'the blocky' and the discarded blocks were used as firewood.

Are you aware of any other leisure activities that would have been popular in your area in the early twentieth century? Perhaps your parents or grandparents may be able to tell you what they themselves spent their leisure time doing.