17th Century

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What can we find out about schools long ago? Let's look at evidence for a place called Raheny. We have very little evidence for times long ago.


Imagine what life and school was like in the 17th century....

Quote 1630

This extract is an example of evidence we can use to tell us about the past.

The popish schoolmaster referred to is Patrick Drake. The extract is from Archbishop Bulkeley's Visitation in 1630. The original manuscript is now held in Trinity College Dublin. A translation was published in The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Vol V, 1869.

From evidence in the manuscript and the Ecclesiastical Record historians can tell facts:

  • In 1630 there was a Roman Catholic Priest in Artane named James Drake .
  • Children in Raheny went to a school run by his brother.
  • His brother was a teacher called Patrick Drake.

Raheny Schools Timeline Through the Centuries

Raheny Schools Timeline Through the Centuries