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Background of 'School Unit'

The 'school' unit for 5th and 6th classes is presented as a case-study of educational development in the parish of Raheny, Co. Dublin, throughout the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

A case-study approach has been adopted to demonstrate how pupils could be enabled to use documentary and other sources to:

  • explore the history of education in the parish or local area,
  • explore the history of schools in the wider context of educational development in Ireland.

Although some content and historical sources specifically relate to the parish of Raheny, activities have been designed to provide information and skills development opportunities that support the general aims and objectives of the History Curriculum for primary schools.

Overview of Unit

The unit 'school' for fifth and sixth classes is divided into four sections. Each section traces the history of schools in Raheny in a particular century. The history of the schools studied is explored in the wider context of educational developments in Ireland.