Suggestions for a Lesson Plan

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Approaching the topic:

1. Show photographs of Constance Gore-Booth in different poses, her home at Lissadell, the society period, Constance in 1916, and discuss.

2. Examine the life of Constance Gore-Booth.

3. Ask pupils to write her story from various points of view.

4. Pupils can explore the Internet and can find more information on aspects of life in the period:

  • Living in a Manor House with butler, servants, kitchen staff, stable hands etc.
  • Being a servant in a Big House and contrast the lives of those living "Upstairs" with the others in the house,
  • Living as a landless peasant in Ireland in the 19th century,
  • Life in the Dublin Slums in the 19th century.

5. Taking the topic of growing up in Lissadell, take a day in the life of the house with Sir Henry away exploring the Arctic, servants preparing food and polishing floors etc., Constance riding her pony through the estate talking with the poorly-dressed peasants, agents collecting rents from the tenants.

6. Start with the image of the burial in Glasnevin Cemetery. Who was she? Why were so many people at her funeral?

7. Start with the image of Lissadell House and the Yeats poem, "In Memory Of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markievicz", and pupils may wish to know more.