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  • Aspects of Laois


County Laois or Queen's County as it is sometimes known has an interesting history. Within this history, there are plenty of people who have played a major role in the development of the county and of Ireland in general.

James Fintan Lalor

James Fintan Lalor was born in Tenakill, County Laois on March 10, 1807, the eldest of eleven sons. Sadly, he was born with an illness to the spine which stunted his growth. However, this did not prevent him from becoming one of the most passionate and hard working nationalists that Ireland has ever known.

Lalor was involved with Daniel O'Connell's Repeal Association but was expelled in 1847 because of his links with the Young Irelanders movement. Lalor was a very intelligent man and as well as having articles and letters published in newspapers such as The Nation and The Irish Tribune, he also helped put together a journal called The Irish Felon.

In 1848, Lalor and his comrades felt that Britain was vulnerable to a rebellion, as it was planning to go to war with France . In June 1848, that rebellion went ahead but it was doomed to failure, not least because Ireland was still suffering the effects of the Great Famine. Lalor was arrested later that summer for treason and sent to prison in Nenagh Jail.

When he transferred to Newgate Prison in Dublin, his health was so bad that he was released from jail. He helped to organise another rebellion in Waterford and Tipperary but as before, the attack on the barracks in Cappoquin failed and he was arrested again. His health finally gave way on December 27th 1849 and a sign of how popular Lalor was that over 25,000 mourners came to his funeral.