Useful Links

Below is a list of organisations involved in promoting action against climate change. Follow the links directly to their websites, or to find out more about them visit our Who Does What section.

The Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units (ICARUS):

Environmental Protection Agency  

Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government  

EC Environment Directorate General

EC Climate Action: Energy for a Changing World 

European Environment Agency

Climate Change External Links

UK Environment Agency

United Nations Environment Programme

The Irish Climate Analysis and Research Unit (ICARUS)

Flood Hazard Maps

Irish Flood Warning System

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Reports -

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland -

COFORD - the National Council for Forest Research and Development

Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA)

The Irish Academy of Engineering

Information on climate change and how to combat it

Information on Ireland 's climate from Met Éireann

Community Climate Change Consortium for Ireland (C4I) 

Information campaign on energy efficiency for Ireland

The Royal Irish Academy

Greenhouse Ireland Action Network

Friends of the Earth http:/

PEW Centre on Global Climate Change

Climate Action Network (CAN)

Campaign against Climate Change