School Initiatives

Schools are a key component in educating people about waste management. Based on a survey of almost 1,000 Irish primary schools, it appears that in 98.5% of them environmental awareness exists and that 87% of schools provide activities for their pupils, such as aluminum can recycling, composting and litter awareness.

For example, Kildare County Council introduced battery collection facilities in 125 primary and secondary schools. The successful project helps to prevent environmental damage and to educate young people about the need for careful waste disposal.

A lot of schools in Ireland have signed up for the ‘Green-Schools’ programme. Schools are rewarded with a green flag to erect outside if they excel in the seven step process. The scheme sets Irish schools up to educate and implement good waste management strategies. More information can be found on the Green Schools Ireland website.

Irish schools, it seems, have been conscious of being litter free in the past. Listen to Sylvia Taylor  when she was five years old and lived in Raheny, County Dublin. She talks about her experiences of litter in her school in 1943.

Now look at some modern examples of how schools are excelling at becoming environmentally friendly.


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