Recycling Waste

Most homes are now located within reach of a bottle bank. Separate your bottles, cans and other recyclable items such as clothes and bring recycling into your home. Find your local bring bank on the Repak website.

In Ireland the trend of recycling household waste is heading in the right direction. Recycling is now a popular thing to do, with the next phase being the reduction of what you put in the bin for landfilling.

Think how you can reuse everyday items in the home - for example ice cream containers can be reused for storing food in the freezer or as a container for toys, crayons, clothes pegs or a biscuit container.

Trends in the Recovery and Disposal of Municipal Waste 2001-2011.
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Reducing Waste

Reducing waste and energy use in your daily life will also go a long way to help preventing the waste cycle from increasing.

It is just simply a matter of getting into a routine of turning off appliances that are on standby and unplugging items that are not being used:

  • Turn your heating down to a comfortable 20șC;
  • Lowering your thermostat by 1șC will knock 10% off your heating bill;
  • Don't overfill your kettle - only boil as much water as you need.

Other websites can help you to do things at home to improve the disposal of your waste, including getting involved in the National Spring Clean Campaign .

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