Easy Numbers

Involve your child in counting activities around the house or when walking outside. For example, counting the number of cups and plates to be laid on the table, the number of people in a room or the number of buses you pass on the street.

Adding and Subtracting

When your child becomes more familiar with counting, ask them to do simple calculations for you. For example, they can sort out coins for you or add and subtract money from a total amount before you go to buy something or when shopping.


Times and Dates
Let your child know the time each day that certain things are done. For example, ‘It’s 8 o’clock, time to get up’. Mark in dates on the calendar with your child. Regularly look at it together to count down days or check whose birthday is coming next.

Involve your child when weighing items on weighing scales or when measuring using a ruler. Turn the activity into a game by giving them several items to weigh or measure and asking them to predict beforehand the order of heaviest to lightest or longest to shortest.

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