Everyday Fun

Simple everyday activities around the house can be very easily turned into fun games that help your child develop important skills.

Draw your child’s attention to different shapes. When looking at pictures, point out a ‘square house’, a ‘rectangular football pitch’ etc. or ask them to name the shapes you see around you every day.
Give your child simple jigsaws to play with. Fitting pieces together helps children understand different shapes and match patterns.

Point out things you see when walking outside which are big and small, wide and narrow, cheap and expensive etc. Make a game out of comparing opposites!

Matching and Sorting
Play matching and sorting games. For example, sort different categories of toys in different boxes with your child or match items of the same colour.

As they become more confident writing words, ask them to write down a list of items to buy for weekly shopping or keep a ‘to do’ list for the household.

Dictionaries and Journals
Create a simple, homemade dictionary with your child and ask them to add in new words they learn each week. As they develop greater confidence writing on their own, encourage them to keep a journal or write their own short stories.

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