Finding the Right Book

Help children to choose the ‘right book’ to read

Enjoyable and interesting
Choose books that they will enjoy, find interesting and/or relate to their day-to-day lives.

Appropriate to their reading level
If there are more than five words on a page that your child doesn’t understand, they should pick a book that is slightly easier.

Easy to understand
A book is suitable to your child’s reading ability if, when they read a page from it aloud, they are able read it smoothly and without much difficulty.

Other ideas for improving children's reading ability

When your child finds a word they don’t understand, try to avoid telling them the meaning straightaway. Ask them instead to guess what the unknown word is likely to be based on the pictures near to it or by looking at the sentence around it.   

Reread favourites. Most children love to hear their favourite stories read many times. Repetition will strengthen language development.

Books with age guides can be helpful, however don’t feel restricted by these. It is important that your child feels comfortable reading the book they choose.

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