Literacy Skills

The literacy skills required for everyday life are continually changing, particularly with advancements in technology and other changes in society. According to the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA), literacy  involves listening, speaking, reading, writing, numeracy and engaging with technology to communicate and understand information. According to the latest survey on literacy skills, 25% of Irish adults experience literacy difficulties. This compares with just 5% in Germany.

Research shows a clear association between the availability of reading material and success in reading and literacy development. Studies have also shown that 'reading for pleasure‘, or  'free voluntary reading‘, is important in the development of literacy skills. Any interventions aimed at improving literacy must take this into account.

As the draft literacy and numeracy plan states (Department of Education and Skills 2010, 47), achievement in literacy is strongly linked to access to books.


Recent publications on literacy skills are available on the NALA website.

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