• Accelerated Reader Bookfinder: Enables a blank search according to criteria such as Age, Ability (book level from – to), Theme, Sub-topics etc.
  • Ask about Ireland Learning Zone: Provides a broad range of on-line information, maps, images and games to young students.
  • Books for Keeps: a UK independent children’s book magazine
  • Booktrust: reviews of recently published teenage books
  • Encompass Culture: is a worldwide reading group, the place to find your next book and talk about books with other young readers
  • ENFO Kidzone
  • FÍS Online Book Club: is a new learning platform introduced to Irish primary schools where children create a video book review based on their independent reading
  • Fulfilling their potential: Research from the U.K. Reading Agency
  • Getting boys to read: a community based blog for parents, librarians, and teachers providing information and support through articles, videos, interviews, and a forum.
  • Guardian Children’s Books website: interviews, reviews and extracts of children’s literature
  • Guys Lit Wire: Bloggers, writers, and readers helping teenage boys find the books they want to read.
  • How to Be An Advocate for Teens (by Gretchen of Librarified) is an excellent primer to advocating for teens within your library and community.
  • Kirkus Reviews: Upcoming pre-publication reviews and thousands of archived reviews oc children’s books that are freely available to non-subscribers.
  • Lifesteps Guide: Using the Internet for reading for young people and parents: a listing of websites for publishers, readers and authors
  • New Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship: published biannually, is multidisciplinary in nature, providing opportunities for the ‘pure’ discussion of children’s literature, and of issues relating to one of the key places in which to find such literature—libraries for young people.
  • Readergirlz: the cutting-edge literacy and social media project for teens, awarded the National Book Award for Innovations in Reading. It is a nonprofit volunteer organisation. The readergirlz mission is to promote teen literacy and corresponding social service.
  • Using Blogs for collection development: Abby the Librarian’s handout from her presentation at the Illinois Library Federation Children’s & Young People’s Division conference.
  • We Tell Stories: Six authors contributed stories to this project, one each week, which are displayed on the site using interactive internet media
  • What Kids Need: The Building Blocks for Children and Youth: Providing an insight into the complexity of the physical and mental development of teenagers.
  • “‘You’ve changed my life’: teenagers, reading and libraries” is an article by Anne Harding about how libraries can support and encourage reading among teens (especially disadvantaged teens).


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