2. What's clear communication all about?

Clear communication is about saying things in a way which the recipient can understand and which meets their needs. It’s what you say, and how you say it. Plain and simple.

Different people prefer to receive information in different ways. Some people understand things more easily if they are expressed one way, rather than another way. When you are dealing with individual library users you can find out what works best for them. Acting on that knowledge is part of good customer service.

When you are trying to communicate with lots of diverse people at once it’s a bit more complicated. It’s in those circumstances that clear communication is most vital.

Using plain language (see section 6) will increase the chance that everyone will understand your information.

Making it available in a range of formats (see section 9) will bring your messages to more people.

Uncluttered design (see section 9.1) will make written material more attractive and easier to read.

Good spoken communication (see section 9.5) will enhance every contact with the public.

The results will speak for themselves.

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