An online reader development course

The Frontline online reading development programme for public library staff was introduced by An Chomhairle Leabharlanna, in consultation with the Standing Committee on Public Library Staff Training and Development  in 2008.

Frontline is an interactive online course for library staff developed in the UK by Opening the Book which has extensive experience of designing and delivering reading development training courses. The course was adapted for the Irish Public Library context. Frontline can be taken anywhere, at any time, in variable timeslots of five minutes to two hours. Participants only need internet access and an email address.

Frontline is structured in 7 modules. Modules 1-4 can be taken as a coherent short course for those who cannot be released to do the whole course. Modules 1-4 explore the needs of different readers, the difference between personal attitudes to reading and the job-related skills of working with books, the power of reader-to-reader promotion and stock awareness. Modules 5-7 cover displaying books and delivering and monitoring a small-scale promotion to an identified audience.

For further details on Frontline, please contact Opening the Book.


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