Information is found also in topic books, for example, you might find a book on the topic of machinery, artists or festivals. Information books usually arrange information in a way that helps you find what is in the book quickly. They usually have a table of contents at the start. This has a menu which tells you what is in the book for each chapter. It also tells you the page numbers to go to. Information books usually have an introduction. If you read this you can find out what the book is about. There is usually an index at the back of information books. This is arranged in alphabetical order. It tells you important parts of the book. The glossary will explain any special words which the book contains.


Tips: When you get an information book examine the table of contents and index. Also, flick through the book. Notice the chapters and headings on each page. Glance at these to find key information. This will help you to decide on how useful the book will be for your research topic.