Eva Gore-Booth

Introduction to Irish Writers - Eva Gore-Booth

There can be few other examples of an Irish literary figure being so overshadowed by a sibling, as Eva Gore-Booth. Her non-literary sister, Constance Markievicz, is known far and wide as a glamorous, heroic figure - Ireland's Joan of Arc whereas Eva is known chiefly as the writer of  "The Little Waves of Breffny"

Little Waves of Breffny (part 1)

Little Waves of Breffny - The first two verses © Sligo County Library

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 . Perhaps the wider audience, which a web site offers, might go some way to balance this injustice. What follows is not academic criticism or literary biography but an attempt to bring to life a neglected feature of Ireland's rich, and up to very recently, male dominated, literary history.

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