Steam Museum

The Steam Museum is built from the re-erected G S & W Railway Church Inchicore, Dublin. The Power Hall displays sometimes in steam, rare and unique working stationary engines. The Richard Guinness  Model Hall displays Richard Trevithick’s famous Third Model (on request), the first four wheeled self- propelled vehicle. The visitor confronts the beginning of the steam railway age with prototype models of the Planet locomotive, built two years after the famous 1929 Rocket, the Dublin and Kingstown Railway 1834 model and a unique Train from the same date. Portraits are of famous Inventors and Engineers.  The Memorabilia Gallery shows transatlantic cable from the Halpin Collection, and early prints. The Ron Jarvis Collection of early road transport and stationary engine models has also been acquired by the Steam Museum.

Lodge Park
Co. Kildare

Phone: 01-6273155

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